The first time I can remember manifesting something was as a teen playing soccer. I was someone who was good at scoring off of a header from a corner kick. I dreamed about these moments, not for the fame or recognition but for the beauty of the actual moment when everything clicks. I remember watching my teammate kicking the corner kick and visualizing the ball going right where I wanted it to so that I could head it into the goal. Most of the time, that is exactly where the ball went. Now, I didn’t always do this visualizing thing at corner kicks, but when I did it usually worked and it surprised me every time. At that point, only part of me believed that I had made it happen. After all, I’d grown up in a world where the mind and the physical are considered two separate things. This couldn’t be further from the truth! We manifest things everyday.

As a mom, sometimes I think, wow we haven’t had a cold go through the house in a long time. That is usually the week when we get a cold.

When someone is on my mind a lot for a few days, I run into them at the grocery store.

If I worry and worry about something, it is more likely to happen. Last year, I started using regular visualization to create my reality. AND. ITS. WORKING. What? You visualize things in your mind and then they happen? YES! As long as it is something that aligns with your purpose/dreams and you believe it will happen, things will start to happen. Morning and night, spend 5 minutes in a quiet space, and visualize or simply be grateful for the things that you want. Be grateful for them as if they are already here. During the rest of the day, be conscious of what you are saying. If you are putting yourself down or talking about the future in negative ways, you are manifesting THAT reality. Manifest the reality you want. You don’t have to be positive or upbeat about everything. Be real, of course. Be real, be yourself, and be your greatest self. The whole world will benefit from your greatest you.

Dr. Leslie Meyers

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