Knowledge, Purpose, Peace

What do these three things have in common? They all affect your health despite not involving labs, medications, diet, or exercise.

Knowledge: This is the key to being an advocate in your healthcare. Come to your visits prepared. Ask questions. Trust a knowledgeable doctor and also trust your gut. Remember that you are the boss of your healthcare and have the final say about what is best for you.

Purpose: This is where we get our fuel. Having purpose in our work, family, love, hobbies, or life gives us the excitement to get out of the bed in the morning. It gives us the ability to make the day great, practice healthy habits, and attract great people and things into our lives.

Peace: Everyone has something that can help them feel more peaceful. It may be meditation, yoga, quiet time on the couch, walking with a friend, intimacy time, or something else. The peace is within you. The secret is taking the time to let it reveal itself. Most people have no idea of the incredible impact of regular stress-relief on most types of illness. It is a leading antidote to the harmful aspects of modern day society.

Want to improve your health? Consider how you can improve one or more of these “non-medical interventions.” The power is yours. Be empowered!

Dr. Leslie Meyers

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